Eating out Lake Garda

Eating out is enhanced by the many restaurants positioned along the shores of the Lake. What a wonderful way to see the lake during the day or indeed by night, whilst enjoying fresh, local and delicious cuisine. You can stroll alongside the beaches and stop at any restaurant or bar for some wonderful food or a great coffee and ice cream.
Due to the lakes formation and subsequent mineral deposits, the land and soil are very mineral rich, resulting in produce that is full of flavour, from olives, fruit to wine. This will be evident through the varied dishes you choose.


Ristorante Pizzeria Sagittarius Di Glorioso Giuseppe

Via Magenta, 25080 Moniga del Garda


Baia Bianca (By the lake)

Via del Zocco, 110, 25015 Manerba del Garda


Antica Trattoria Miravalle

Via Sant’Antonio, 15, 25080 Polpenazze del Garda

Ristorante Capriccio

Piazza S. Bernardo, 6, 25080, Manerba del Garda


Ristorante Da Rino (By the lake)

Via Belvedere, 86 Porto Torchio – Manerba del Garda


Antique Market

Desenzano del Garda


Zuppa di Valpelline is a stew made of cabbage and served with croutons or dried bread.
Yota is a stew made of beans, sauerkraut, potatoes, ham and sometimes smoked ribs. This type of food is usually served with a lot of garlic and it stands out as a common main course.
Lesso e peara is a pepper sauce which usually accompanies different types of steamed meat.
Pere San Martin al vino rosso, Winter pears in red wine